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Help needed, Kip tube install fail


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My problem, no vise, heat gun low at 707 degrees, applied heat evenly as per instructions, several minutes, smoke from mag tube. With receiver between knees, rubber palmed work gloves, rubber grip pad, twisted as hard as possible, skin ripped off both palms of hands. Frustrated, laugh if you want, I need experienced advice. Thanks.

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Hi Shugz, I didn't use a vice, just sat on a low stool and held between knees while twisting. It took awile for mine to release (about 10-12 minutes of heating before I got any movement) and then I had to continue to heat for a while then turn a little, heat for a while turn a little until it was a good part of the way out and I got the rest to unscrew in one shot. Make sure you favor the receiver when you apply the heat instead of the tube. The receiver will hold the heat better. I'm sure if you just keep at the heat you'll get it. Don't be afraid you're going to hurt something, it can take the heat,


Good Luck and report back,

Hookster :)

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It's hard to damage anything but plastic and wood with a heat gun. I might be careful of the camo finished M4 though.


Leave the bolt carrier in the weapon retracted to the rear. It'll strengthen the receiver while you're applying torsional torque to the tube. You shouldn't need a lot of torque to twist it free. A firm two handed twist at the beginning is all. Anymore means the locktite hasn't given up yet. Pull the trigger group for easy access to the receiver.


The tubes tend to twist about an eighth of a turn then stop. Apply more heat and try again. After a couple times it will break free and untwist fully.

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