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side saddle

big fish

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okay, I've had this M1 Super 90 for 6 days, and I want to put some mods on it (I'd appreciate any direction given towards web sites-sales or ideas)

Particularly interested in side shell carrier but WHERE THE HECK does it mount to? the side of my receiver has no points to place it...

Also anyone have any experience with Meprolight M25 shotgun optic?

I've got meps on a Glock 17 and they are great


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Thanks for the link tucker301. Our design (I use that term loosely) is geared for the M4, but there is a possibility for the shell holder portion to function on an M1. The rail system naturally would not work due to dimensional differences. I would guess that a good gunsmith could mount the unit to an M1, and maybe an M3. The receiver would have to be tapped.


Also, be warned that the M1 is an inertia driven recoil operated system. Even a slight change in weapon weight can cause the M1 to fail to operate properly.

This means the amount of weight you wish to add to the M1 will be limited.


I would avoid using the Tacstar unit. It works fine for about 3 disassemblies, then the entire weapon becomes unstable and it can cause the receiver to bind and cause failures. It replaces the trigger group pin with a special one.


Take a look at 3gunners equipment. I've heard good things about them if you can deal with adhesives holding the carrier in place. I personally have misgivings about nylon loops. I dislike any carrier that I can't reload one handed. This becomes a training hazard, because the user tends to fetch the easiest rounds available. Once the carrier is emptied, the user will avoid reloading the carrier if it is complicated. I find myself avoiding the shell holder on my pistol grip stock because of this.


Others have reported problems with the Tacstar unit dropping shells after the rubber overmolding has been used a lot. I never experienced this problem, mainly because mine became unuseable after 4 months.



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