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SBE1 added weight forward


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Just bought a mercury recoil reducer that fits in stock. smile.gif When I was at the gun shop they showed me a weight (recoil reducer) that skrews on to the front of the magazine and looks like a 2 shot magazine extention. When I got home I tried to find it in benelli catalog and website with no success. So now I assume this is a after market product. Does anyone know what I am talking about and or have experience with this product. :confused: Looks like it should add weight to reduce recoil and reduce muzzle jump.

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I have a 2-shot extension for my SBE that holds the magazine tube version of the C&H mercury recoil reducer.


When I use it for ducks, I get funny looks from other hunters and wardens, but it's plugged just fine and can only handle 2 in the magazine.


I have not seen one specifically for the Benelli line - there are many for Beretta - if someone sees a true Benelli model, please chime in.


My set-up works like a charm - nice smooth swing - hate using the extension in the rain though as water pours into the gun.....


mudhen - CA

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