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first time disappointment with M2


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Just picked up a new M2 Tactical and got it out to an outdoor range for a quick familiarization and patterning. The weather was lousy, the targets soggy, so I really didn't get a good feel for POA/POI. That will have to wait for better weather and an open field, rather than a restricted target range.


However, what I was most anxious to test out was just how it "felt". At the shop where I picked it up we talked about the stock adjustments and I am aware that stock fit is important to how a shotgun handles. The stock spacers probably do need to be changed. As I mount the gun, either with eyes open or closed the sights are not lining up properly.


The question is this - how much should this affect the fit and feel? And the reason I ask is that the recoil was awful! It punched me in the shoulder and cheek much more so than with my Remington 870. I know it's not a gas gun but somehow I was expecting a bit better or softer feel. I was really, really anxious to get this gun after saving up a long time and now feel really let down. So tell me, will stock fit make that much difference or were my expectations way off?

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If the M2 recoil is too much try using lighter recoil shells. The M2 is a vast improvement over the 870. That being said, the 870 is a pump gun and you can use much lower recoil shells like Winlight. My M4 needs enough energy from the shells to properly cycle and I'm sure he M2 is similar. 1 oz load, 1200 fps shells will cycle these guns and the recoil is much less. For HD try Remmington 00 BK Managed Recoil shells.

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