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Cheap Original Benelli part Mag +2 extension


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Law? Can you cite me this? And who passed this Law?

well after further research ive found that i cannot find an actual law/ban. but that the U.S. did threaten the BENELLI corp w/ the 922 bullsh--t and also threatened to ban further sales to the U.S., so BENELLI decided themselves to ONLY sale the tactical parts to AUTHORIZED DEALERS who will THEN, PROMISED TO ONLY sell to LEO/MILITARY etc. and if a dealer got caught selling to the civilian public, that the dealer caught would then lose their benelli dealer privledges!! so i cant confirm the legality of my claim but its still the basic gist of what i was trying to get at. a few parts do get thru occasionlly but will probably dry up in the future with this current administration hounding EVERYONE about everything!!!! why would THE BENELLI CORP want to risk regular annual benelli sales over some stupid tactical parts that they dont even make the bulk of their sales on??? there ya go mr technical!!:rolleyes:

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