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  1. I have used my M1S90 with the tube extension for dove hunting. As soon as the game warden sees it they think they have got you, but they can't get you when the plug is in. They always seem disappointed at that.
  2. Thanks Hogwild for the link. I checked it out and it is 10 9/16" long and I think I will need one that is about 13". I guess I'll made one in the shop at work.
  3. Does any one have a source for a Benelli M2 limiter plug for a +4 extension tube? I don't want to go the wooden dowel route. The plug for my M1 is 13" long. Some one is going to ask why would I want to limit the rounds in an extended mag. I typically use the shotgun in deer season, no round limit, but occasionally I go dove hunting and don't want to remove the tube. Thanks
  4. The +4 mag extension for my M1S90 came with the spring. I bought it new in the Benelli package back in 1994
  5. Gunner, where do you get the Benelli oil? I have a little left in the bottle that came with my M1, but have not seen it any where else.
  6. Here is the response from Benelli: EPA has put a hold on the cleaning kit importation and the chemicals it comes with.
  7. beamernc

    Benelli M2

    My M1 S90 is the same way after 15 years. It has not affected the function.
  8. The hard case is on the Benelli Gear Store for $40. Here is the link: http://www.benelliusa.com/store/Bags-and-Cases/Benelli-Hard-Gun-Case-p65.html
  9. My son just bought the M2 American because he did not like the comfortech stock. He was wanting an M1 S90, but he got the M2 since the M1 was discontinued.
  10. Dick's Sporting Goods had the M2 American for $799 last week and it is $899 again this week.
  11. This is the response that I got from Benelli: ATF has restricted the importation of the mag tube extensions for 4+ years
  12. My local Gander Mountain has a new M3.
  13. beamernc

    M1 vs. M2

    I don't see how having the M4 would help me in the dove field or in the deer woods. I have a HK Benelli M1 S90 and my son just got a M2 and I wanted to know what the differences were and if the barrels were interchangable.
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