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SBE2: button and lever


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The lefty SBE2 is my first auto-loader. And I'm not so sure that I am loading it properly; using snap caps for practice.


I'm still trying to figure out the function of the cartridge drop lever and the carrier control button. The instructional booklet is not very helpful. Help!


One of the many ways to load it, and the way I usually load my M2 is as follows:


Press the Drop Lever and pull the bolt back, it should lock back. Put a round in the chamber and press the bolt release button. You now have a round in the chamber ready to go so dont be playing with the trigger. Then load rounds into the magazine being careful not to wedge your thumb in the hole at the end of the carrier.


The drop lever design is to allow you to pull rounds from the chamber without feeding from the magazine. So if you need to jump a fence while hunting, you can just pull the round you have in the chamber and not have to unload the entire magazine. If you do want to get one from the magazine you simply have to pull the bolt back and press the drop lever and one round will feed from the magazine, let the bolt go and you are back in business.

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