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Benelli barrel mods


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Briley offers a back bored Benelli barrel. It is backbored from .723 to .733 and has lengthened forcing cones. I believe it is not necessary but they say because of the Inertia design by doing this it relieves some of the backpressure and reduces recoil feel.


I have achieved the highest class in Sporting Clays(Masters Class) shooting a stock supersport. I now have a custom length stock and trigger job done along with some added weight. Other than that the gun is stock and performs extremely well.

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Waste of money.


Neither of these things will reduce recoil, because physics says they can't. Despite what a lot of gun magazine writers and the average joe a the club might say.


Both modifications do indeed weaken the barrel.


The other thing it probably does is to void your warranty from Benelli. They'll probably refuse to ever work on your gun again.


Backboring "might" improve your patterns, but I'd pattern the gun first. You probably don't need any modification at all.


Spend your money on targets, lessons, or as dooderman said, a good trigger job.

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I'd still do some pattern testing before you pull the trigger (pun intended) on barrel mods.


I'd look into a freeware program called shotgun insight.


Shoot some patterns on paper at your skeet distances, take some digital photos, and get detailed output for pattern density.


Make sure you really need them. Barrel mods can never be undone.


If you do decide to do it, I have heard (though I've never had it done myself) that Tom Wilkinson is one of the best.


But like I said, I'm not convinced its necesary.

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It will not weaken the barrel if done properly. Benelli worked with Briley to exact specifications so that the gun will still have enough back pressure to shoot all the loads there is. The pattern could POSSIBLY be better (less flyers in the pattern) since the barrel is more open.


If you buy a Benelli that has all these mods from their Performance Shop the warranty will not be void I believe. Check them out.



I am not sure if you have a current non Performance Shop gun and try to have the mods done if it will void the warranty. Briley says you can still shoot steel shot through it. The barrel will just get dirtier because the smooth chrome lining will be taken out.


As for recoil. In this design it will reduce recoil. I have shot one and it is noticable but not a lot. I added almost 1 lb to my gun. 6 oz's in front weight and 6 oz of sticky wheel weights in the stock. I added an inch in length (now 15.25 lop) and the trigger job. Stock barrel .723 and it HAMMERS targets and recoil is completely not noticable whether target loads, hot 1 1/8 oz 1300 loads or my Black Cloud 1 1/4 oz 3 inch magnums.


The gun rocks.


Honestly, get some weight in the gun to help the swing for skeet and the other games. That 6 oz in front will do the trick. Get the Trigger done, helps emensly. Get the fit right and hammer away and don't change anything else. Good luck.

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I'm an engineer. If you remove metal, you reduce strength. Simple as that. It must be done properly, to be sure, to assure it doesn't weaken the barrel to the point of failure.


I don't mean to get into a big argument, but these modifications cannot reduce recoil. Backboring removes weight from the gun, and in all formulas for recoil, the weight of the gun is in it. Weight goes down, recoil goes up.


If you add weight to your gun, I guarantee that will reduce recoil.


I think the trigger job is the best way to improve the gun.


And shooting more targets.

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I would like to thank all of you for your input. I'm new to any kind of gun forum. I usually rely on mags for my info, but you can't find alot of articles on competition guns, and since I don't have a tremendous amount of disposable income I want to do the best mods for the money. Monday I received the Briley forend weight and titanium skeet tube. I've not shot the gun yet, it's too dang cold here. I think I will take the advice and shoot the gun alot before I do anymore mods.

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I agree with you a 100% but benelli barrels are already thick considering Beretta's, browning and most if not all competition shotguns start at .733 or bigger. Benellis are an inertia design which require back pressure. Reduce that by making a bigger hole and reduce recoil. Lengthen forcing cones and that will do it also.


I agree weight, fit and triggers are better. I do just fine with a .723 but I have shot both a stock Benelli and a performance shop one and you can feel a difference.


Feel to the shooter is the biggest deal. Every top shooter in the country for the most part have larger bore's than a stock benelli(mainly for better pattern and less flyers) and lengthened forcing cones for less recoil and ported barrels and weight and triggers and custom stocks and so on.


When one clay matters, physics and engineering sometimes will not go along with what people feel. I am not an engineers but have been a part of the process of designing product in different fields and feel of the person testing doesn't always jive with what the engineers think it should be doing.


But we are good. Just fun times talking about different opinions and what people think.


Fun for sure!


P.S. If I was mechanical about my shooting and not going off feel even though things mechanically did not look right I may never have reached the master class.

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We're just going to have to politely agree to disagree.


Some of the stuff you said in your post is either:


1. Just plain incorrect.




2. Long held shotgun shooter's firmly held beliefs that have been handed down over the years, and a lot of folks simply believe them because we've been told over and over that its true. Many of these firmly held beliefs have never been proven, and are simply not true.


But I will give you this. You're 100% right when you say, "When one clay matters, physics and engineering sometimes will not go along with what people feel."


But that doesn't mean the physics and engineering are wrong.


Good shooting. If you're a master class sporting clays shooter, you're a better shot than I am, that's for sure!


Keep it up!



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