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Comfortech and Recoil


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I recently found a Beretta AL390 on sale and bought it just to dove hunt with, yesterday I took it out and shot it a little bit and did some patterning I was shooting 1 1/8 oz. heavy field loads and 1 1/4 oz. high brass shells and what I found out is to me there is no difference in felt recoil between this gun and my M2 plus the 390 is heavier doesn't point as quick and doesn't have different pads so you can change LOP. So in my opinion Comfortech works and is worth it. Now I will have a 390 gathering dust some people like me just have to learn the hard way.

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the 390 is heavier


This part probably has a lot to do with it, now I'm a fan of the comfortech thing but Benelli marketing would have you believe that it is much better than it is. So sometimes you'll see people being disillusioned on here because they were expecting too much.

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