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Beneli SBEI jamming

Bob W

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I have a 5 year old benelli SBE which has worked perfectly until recently when it has has several failure to eject causing one shot hunting situation whicjh needed to be 2 or 3 shot (joking)

In both situations it involved steel shot 3"mag shells. It would not jam with 3 1/2" shells. In these situations it seemed like the bolt would not close with the velocity that it needed to be. I took the gun apart cleaned degease and re lubed with telflon and graphite lube only to have jam again.

The weather was conditions was cold 10 degrees or colder and dry


Any ideas?

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I had the same problem several years ago. Cost me a potential double on a pair of Canadas.:mad: A really good cleaning and very light lube with Militec1 weapons grade worked so well I am wondering whether it is worth cleaning after this season.:confused: It has a lot of grit and grime in there but it continues to function even in sub-zero weather.


I am going to watch what others recommend.

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If you haven't already done so, remove the bolt group, disassemble it, and clean it thoroughly.

Also remove the recoil assembly from within the stock and flush it out well with Gunscrubber, ether, or other pressurized solvent. Then relube and re-assemble using light oil as suggested above.


If the gun continues to malfunction, consider replacing the recoil assembly with an aftermarket one from Surecycle.

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