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Montefeltro Malfunction???


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I am trying to help a buddy. His Monty is jamming. When it cycles the shell seems like it is not clearing the magazine tube completely. This gun is a few years old and has seen alot of wear and tear(when I pulled the trigger assembly I found dirt that probably was mud). Let me hear what you think? I think the magazine tube is dirty.

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When I said I pulled the trigger assembly I quess I thought that would give some indication that I had stripped and cleaned it. My bad I have cleaned it thourghly and it still is jamming. How do you get this magazine tube off?



If its like the nova. You take off the mag. cap, remove the barrel, use needle nose pliers and take off the retainer cap, remove the spring and plug. The tube doesn't come off the gun without heat. If its not like the nova, sorry I couldn't help.

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