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SBE2: barrel ribs


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I am assuming that I am using the correct terminology.....! What are the pros and cons for the Benelli barrel to have ribs that decrease in height as it reaches the end of the muzzle? I notice on most other brands that the ribs remain the same height, along the entire length of the barrel.


Pros: It makes you shoot above the bead for wingshooting if you like that style of shooting.


Cons: It makes you shoot above the bead if you like shooting bead-on-target.


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So what are my options?


If you like above the bead shooting, do nothing you bought a great gun.


If you currently shoot bead-on-target you still bought a great gun but you have 2 real options:


1. Learn to love/shoot above the bead.


2. Bring the POI down through shimming the stock AND/OR jacking the front sight up by using a larger bead or a pistol/rifle front sight to counter the rib slope.

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