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M1 90 Slug options


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I'm thinking about taking my M1 deer hunting this year and I was wondering what my options were for using slugs in a smooth bore barrel. I've heard using rifled slugs w/ a cylinder choke. Or using a rifled choke w/ a sabot...but does anyone know where i could find a rifled choke for the M1...are they the same chokes as the super black eagle? Let me know if there are any other ways to take down my first white tale Thanks


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Don't think about it - just do it!


I like any Foster slug from Brenneke in a smooth bore Benelli. Their website is loaded with info; www.brennekeusa.com. I use IC when shooting Fosters.


Rhino makes a great rifled choke tube for the Benelli - the chokes for all older Benellis are the same - SBE/M1/Monte. They are hard to find, but I'm sure a call to Rhino will do it - 800-226-3613.


Cabelas sells a factory rifled tube for the Benelli.


Once you are rifled, sabots are advised. My SBE prefers Winchester Platinum Tip 2.75" 400 grain 1700 fps. The Partition Golds are faster, but my SBE patterns better with the Plats.


Good luck!


mudhen - CA

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