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What year sbe 1


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just email CS with your serial number and they will tell you when it was imported? the code on the Lower left side of the receiver will tell you what year it was made BTW! I have a BT= 2003 coded SBEII and i am almost positive that it was one of the first imported because CS told me that 2004 was as far back as their price sheets go back which is close to when i got mine which was 3/12/2004 and as mentioned it has year date code of BT=2003.

The dead give away for the SBE is that the safety button is round and the trigger guard is also more rounded vs the squared one on the SBEII and the odd shaped safety is also a dead give away that it's a SBEII! I have never seen a comfortech stock on a SBE but i guess anything is possible but strongly believe all SBEII's have them unless it was a wooden stock SBEII? Post up a pic and you will get the correct answer!

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