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Please help with some links... M4 related


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Trying to make my M4 922r compliant with some U.S. made parts so I can use a factory FULL LENGTH MAG TUBE I already own. Could somebody please post some links to the appropriate sites that sell U.S. parts for the M4. Looking for a U.S. made FOLLOWER and whatever else you guys can recommend to accomplish my task . Thanks. Mike


UPDATE: Got the FOLLOWER ( Thanks Hookster)

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Thanks for the advice. I typed BENELLI FOLLOWER on Brownells site and all the FOLLOWERS that come up say BENELLI as the MANUFACTURER. Just looking for a little help on U.S. made parts to add to my M4 to become 922r complaint. And advice on WHICH parts you guys recommend.



HERE IS A GREAT POST I FOUND from MeanGreen with the info I needed I will repost it if anyone else needs the info:


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Default ATF Response to Legality of Full Length Mag Tube on Benelli M4

I recently received back a letter from the ATF's Chief of Firearms Technology in West Virginia regarding the legality under 922 r of putting a full length magazine tube on a Benelli M4, the same Benelli M4 that has the pistol grip stock. I was completely confused by all the stuff posted on the internet by everyone who has their own opinion and everyone will give you a different answer. But this shouldn't come as a surprise when you try and call your local ATF branch to talk to a Special Agent to get an answer and find out that most agents don't know what 922r is or how it applies.


Thankfuly I spoke to an humble agent that told me she didn't know what 922 r was and refered me to the Firearms Technology Branch in West Virginia. Upon talking with someone, who I think may have been the chief that ended up responding to my letter, his warning was that since there are many zealous new agents out there that don't know how 922 r applies, that the best thing to do was to write in and get a response in writting. And then hold onto this letter like it was made of gold. I have to stress the reason for the letter is for my own protection against law enforcement agents that do not correctly interpret the law. I know that most people think it maybe stirring up some interest by the ATF into people that want to change their M4's, but when talking with the person in the Technology branch his response was more like "I do these letters for lots of M4 owners to protect them from zealous agents."


This letter clearly states that there are 13 imported parts (contradicting another letter I've seen online that stated 11) and that it is legal to add a full length mag tube or extension greater than 4 rounds provided that you add three US made parts to get to the magic "No more than 10 imported parts"


I can't figure out how to attach the files. Everytime I click on 'Manage Attachments', it tells me "you have uploaded the maximum amount of 1 files". I have already scanned them in as PDFs so that I can share them. So if someone can give me any tips I'll attach them.




Please read my original request to understand the context of his responses


Original Request to ATF: http://i25.tinypic.com/2u7xdzn.jpg


ATF Response pg 1 http://i30.tinypic.com/sxhn2r.jpg

ATF Response pg 2 http://i26.tinypic.com/etwkkn.jpg


Here is a list of the parts that the Chief listed in the letter for quick reference.

1) Receiver

2) Barrel

3) Bolt

4) Bolt Carrier

5) Gas Piston

6) Trigger Housing

7) Trigger

8) Hammer

9) Disconnector

10) Buttstocks

11) Forearm

12) Magazine body

13) Followers


comon, search the forum a bit:

brownells follower f.e. would come up quickly.

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Right now I am using the original SIDEARMOR M-401 RAIL on my M4 to accommodate the INSIGHT light I am using. I will most likely wait on the MESA STOCK. my main issue is I have a Benelli Factory FULL LENGTH MAG TUBE I want to use so I am going to need a total of 3 replacement parts to allow me to use it. Thanks to you the U.S. made FOLLOWER is ordered. :D Now I need 2 more U.S. made parts. The Mesa Stock will be an option so what else can I go with other than a replacement FOREARM?


Hey Mike,


Do you know which forearm you are going with or are you going to wait for the Mesa Urbino stock?


Hookster :)

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