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New M2 and some questions...


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Bought a new M2 American this past weekend. Love the gun. However, I've got a few questions on it.


Does anybody make a recoil pad for it? Benelli has one out there, but it costs $100...Was hoping to find a Limbsaver or something, but don't see any that snap on like the factory pad.


Also, patterning it with turkey loads last night did not go well at all. Shooting of a bench, and at 30 yards my pattern is left of center about 3-4 inches. Very frusterating. Tried it with 4 different types of turket loads, and some #8s, but it is consistantly left...Any ideas?

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I had the same problem initially with mine, buy a set of adjustable sights, I got tru glo but there are several good ones out there. And you can move the rear sight to accomodate your shot. If you have any issues with patterning talk to MUDHEN on this forum he apparently has tried about every choke/load combo out there and give you some good advice. Personelly I went with A IC .665 choke and #6 Hevi Shot and although I havent tried the 6's yet I was getting 250+ with HS #5s so the 6's should be nasty!!

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