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M4-Fixed PG Stock Removal


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simple!! #1 gun is not loaded and set it upside down with trigger facing up. #2 push/pull trigger pin out. #3 pull complete trigger assembly out with bolt and barrel still on the gun.#4 rotate your pg on snug and straight. #5 put trigger assembly back in while you press the bolt release button. #6 push trigger housing pin back into place. finished!!!!;) i just installed mine!!

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Thanks Texas..


Good on the dis assembly.


Any tricks for seating the trigger group on re-assembly so that it lines up perfectly with the Axle bush pin? Seems like it must not be lined up perfectly because it is hard to push the pin back in, and I don't want to force it.

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no dont force it!! just put it back the same way while pushing the bolt release button to get past the catch. once in place for the most part, visually line it up and the pin will go back in. put a flashlight behind the pin while in the out position pointing towards the reciever and look thru it from the right side and you can tell if you're lined up.;) good luck

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