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Turkey Choke Tubes 4 Sale


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First of all....**BOTH CHOKES SOLD**




CH/QBPS....It's been a while since I was on here. Hope all is well and that you're ready for thumping turkeys : ) Just got in another 100pk of targets from QB yesterday and getting ready to pattern four guns this weekend.


I ended up trading in my SBE II : ( Both my turkey guns (other than the smoke pole) were autos and I just love my M2 20ga too much to get rid of it. Seeing the choke tubes didn't do anything to the trade in value, I keep them.


I ended up getting two these two new thumpers for my son and I with plenty left over to set up & trick them out. Nothing againt the tubes or Benelli! As I said, I still have & love every much....my M2 & the R1 ; )


20-gauge Model 870 Express Compact




Model 870 Express Super Magnum Turkey/Waterfowl



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That M/O Bottomland Supermag is radical,son!:D


I actually have yet to take a Benelli out this season. I picked up an 870 S/M with a Sure-Shot stock, and love that thing. It patterns insane, and just is a joy to carry.


I'm waiting on a new Limbsaver Dead Center sight combo to arrive this week to put on my M2, and I will give it a go.


Good luck to you this Spring

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