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New Benelli


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hello everybody my name is marc i live and hunt in lebanon and i am a diehard fan of benelli's i own 7 of them,,,

i was surfing the italian website of benelli and stumbled upon this


now i already own the normal european version of the 28 gauge crio

but this one i have never seen,,,does anyone have any info about this gun and does the name indicate a 28 gauge or a 28 inch barrel???

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Sure thing once i figure out how to post them,,

my current collection is

raffaello crio 12ga

raffaello crio 20ga

Montefeltro e 20 ga

benelli bimillionaire 20ga

two raffaello crio 28ga

raffaello 123 12 ga which has the saint-etienne barrel(made in france)

that one i lent to my friend.

any info on the gun i asked about?

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Hi Marc,


To post a pic it will have to first be uploaded to a photo sharing site like Photobucket.com




When you write or reply to a thread on this forum. Click on the 5th icon from the right above the reply box (it looks like a little yellow square with a mountain peak in it) this will bring up a window in which you can paste the pictures address on Photobucket or wherever you have the pic hosted. After that just click OK and the picture will open in your post.


Take Care,


Hookster :)

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