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  1. 280 shotshells i guess??? btw awsome M4 man brings fear into the heart of it onlooker
  2. @GTPSC thank you very much so there is a difference between the crio chokes the early ones and the crio plus,, @HATTLES i am pretty sure mine are crio chokes because they are much longer than my normal benelli chokes and engraved on them is criochokes so i am sure they are,,
  3. hello everybody,, i own a Benelli crio the first generation not the second one,, i guess it's E.U only you can check it on www.benelli.it it has the crio chokes but only comes with 2 chokes *** and ***** i want to purchase the * choke but then i noticed that the crio chokes are different like the M2 crio chokes they have like half an inch of smooth surface then the threadings but on my crio chokes the choke from top starts directly with the threadings,, are the crio chokes cross compatible or i should specificaly order the same chokes that i have or could i order the crio plus
  4. thanks alot timb99 appreciate the help.
  5. marcbmw

    New Benelli

    thank you very much i will take photos of my benelli collection and upload it here hope to hear your thoghts about it guys.
  6. marcbmw

    New Benelli

    ermmm a simple question how can i post pictures here and two no info on that gun i gave the link to?
  7. thank you very much guys,,, and happy easter to all,
  8. marcbmw

    New Benelli

    Sure thing once i figure out how to post them,, my current collection is raffaello crio 12ga raffaello crio 20ga Montefeltro e 20 ga benelli bimillionaire 20ga two raffaello crio 28ga raffaello 123 12 ga which has the saint-etienne barrel(made in france) that one i lent to my friend. any info on the gun i asked about?
  9. marcbmw

    New Benelli

    hello everybody my name is marc i live and hunt in lebanon and i am a diehard fan of benelli's i own 7 of them,,, i was surfing the italian website of benelli and stumbled upon this http://www.benelli.it/MondoBenelli/OpinioneStampa.asp?ID=1016 now i already own the normal european version of the 28 gauge crio but this one i have never seen,,,does anyone have any info about this gun and does the name indicate a 28 gauge or a 28 inch barrel???
  10. anyone knows when will the vinci be released in europe?
  11. a silly little question how do you measure the length of a gun's barrel (autoloader)
  12. how much does it cost and can you fit in the new magazine by yourself or do you need to send it to a proffesional?
  13. marcbmw


    is that the europan version?
  14. the vinci is just awsomeeeeeeeee
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