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Boykin Spaniels


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I have a question for any of you who wish to help me. My problem is i have parents and a small yard so my parents say no lab they are to big. so i did a little reaserch and found this breed the BOYKIN SPANIEL. they seem perfect (medium size, mild mannered etc etc) the thing is that i want to know more about them see if they are right for me. i currently have a spaniel (a king cavileer wich is a fun lap dog) but i really want to convince them (my parents) that this boykin would be good. so any info/books would be great. just want to learn about them. thanks for any input :)

PS. i hunt ducks, quail, phesant.

really what i want it for is as a companion that stays at home but on breaks i can take hunting as well as a dog that will fetch balls out of the watter and go on trail walks and follow me on the atv then be able to curl up next to me in bed.

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I have a 7 yr old Boykin Spaniel and he is the best dog I have ever known. I hunt ducks and pheasant and he excels at both. If I had my druthers I would have all Boykins in the future as well. I currently have 2 labs as well. They are all great dogs but I really do love the Boykin breed.


the only downside I have seen is he is not as cold tolerant as the Labs. I have a neoprene vest he uses in the latter season duckhunting and a cordua nylon blaze vest when we pheasant hunt.

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There are alot of Boykin Spaniel where I live in SC. To be very truful about the Boykin I have seen very few that did not have some type of genetic problems from hip problems, skin problems, sugar to seizures. You have to be extremely careful and find an extremely careful breeder and even then you chances of getting a medically impaired dog are fairly high.


That's why I have always had English Springer Spaniels. Even then I had a problem with one out of four that I have had and that one was ordered out of South Dakota from hunting stock out of England. I spent more money on that one than all the others combined and ended up having to put her to sleep.

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