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six-round side saddle


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This is a Tacstar unit. It's okay. Could be better though.

If you install it improperly, it will jam up your gun. If you tighten it too much it squeezes the receiver which restricts the bolt.

To install it, you have to remove the retainer ring from the take down pin that holds the trigger group in place.

You replace the pin with a unit that is threaded on one end, and has a hex head tightener on the right side of the receiver. This has a washer under it to prevent damage to the finish.

The threaded end threads into the back plate of the shell carrier which has some plastic clear padding on its arms to prevent damage to your finish.

The bolt goes through the back plate of the shell carrier, then you put a nut on it to keep it from backing off.

The outside of the tacstar unit is a rubbery material that actually holds the shells. This is held in place by 6 hexhead attachments that screw into the back plate.


The bad thing about it is you have to go through all of this just to be able to pull the trigger group out. Pulling the trigger group out is usually done more then it really needs to be though. I'd bet you could go through 2000 rounds before needing to take it out for cleaning and relubing.

I'd like to see one made that mounts to the top picatinny rail and drops down over the side, and doesn't interfere with removal of the trigger group pin.



As for function, it is sweet.

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You're right about the lighting. I run halogen lights in my house which doesn't help much. I'll fix the finish in a few months when it goes to Robar to be refinished in Rogard & NP3 on the inside.

It's even worse in this picture, but it shows the newest additions I just completed.


The laser is a 12mw visible green laser. Mounted in 2 ARMS 22 low mount scope rings with 1" spacers. I then had to make a custom mount to take those spacers down to the 7/8 diameter of the laser body. I did this with 5 #14 o-rings for each ring. Rock freakin' solid, with shock isolation benefits. Holds a zero perfect enough for shotgun work.

You'll notice I pushed the EOTech back more to give it more support on the rail. The mount on the EOTech was getting beat up with such little support. Plus, it shifted some weight to the rear.

I might reverse the mount so the throw levers point towards the back and be on the top though. I don't want the front snagging on anything.



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I also have an 8 round Newt. Good stuff.


Steven, they are nylon, with some serious velcro attachments. I know what you are thinking, it's velcro, but this stuff is sick!


I have been the route of the plastic saddles. I have an 1100 also with his products.


I shoot 3 gun matches with mine, once in a while I have a round fall out, but thats it. Easy on and off. While you are at it, check his slide lock 2 pack. Another sweet addition.

(No, I dont work for 3 gun gear!)



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