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  1. Do a search for Mann and Sons. If there still in business they probably will have one, or be able to get you one. I THINK they mostly deal w/ just Benelli firearms and products. There mail order and will ship c.o.d. if you want. [ 04-05-2006, 02:44 AM: Message edited by: FN_FAL ]
  2. I've got a Seal Pup w/ the Kydex holster that is jump rated. You can mount it in any position you want. The knife itself is super durable. I've used it to pry heavy items and no sweat. The edge retains well too. I have a SOG Trident (folder) and it is RAZOR sharp. SOG is a vendor I do business with and they turn out great products for good prices. I have a Microtech Scarab thats double edged, and the Trident is considerably sharper. Microtechs ain't cheap either.
  3. FN_FAL

    M3 Entry?

    I'm 99% they did NOT.
  4. nice pics jakjakman. I especially like your Microtech DE. I just got an MT Ultratech DE yesterday. Man is it fast in and out. Have fun w/ your toys.
  5. FN_FAL

    Benelli bi pod

    You Maniac. I was cruising through the threads and came across this pic. Besides the cool bi-pod mod you've got a flash supressor/muzzle break that kind of looks like the one on my new M1A1 carbine Socom II. It helps the SOCOM which just has a 16.25" barrel kicking out .308. However my muzzle break doesn't have holes all the way around! Must really light it up! Nothing like gun mods.
  6. Make sure he doesn't go shorter then 18". Say he has a home intruder and has to do a rightous shooting to protect life (and all the other ridiculous criteria one has to adhere to before they can shoot a home invasion criminal, all states differ but mine is ridiculous and I think NJ is pretty bad as well) Its almost like they want to protect the criminals. Anyways back to my point if he ever does use the firearm to protect the home, the cops show up and he's just used a short barreled shotgun (which is illegal by itself w/o papers) hes going to jail. Of course these are all worse case scena
  7. Technically I believe you are right wallhanger54. My partner at the shop is also a lawyer, he knows all the tech. info. to the letter. I just know that when dealing w/ the ATF they are VERY particular about EVERY SINGLE LITTLE ITEM. Absolutely NO gray areas w/ them. Enough to drive one mad. I personally wouldn't chance owning one (w/out the paperwork.) Lets be honest what would you use it for, a big paper weight? I do think you can be in posession of just a 14" barrel. However lets say you own a cammo shotgun w/ a 26" barrel on it, clearly not a tactical shotgun by any means. Now I don'
  8. Yeah I run a Class III range and its without question 18" for shotguns.(non-regulated) As Remy pointed out rifles are 16" before entering into NFA area. I used to always confuse the two and a-lot of people do. Even some vendors I've dealt with. jj I'll come out and say it, dealing w/ the BATF&E is like pulling teeth for some people. It all depends. I'm not talking about the brave men and women that are shutting down meth labs, busting gun runners, etc. but the paper pushers who like to hand out red tape, and sit on there arse all day. BIG difference.
  9. I've shot every type of brand you can think of, just about, out of a M1 Super 90 tactical and had no real issues. I will say 95% of the shells have either been 00 buckshot or 1 1/4 oz. slugs. Its patterned for Federal Premium 2 3/4" double ought buck. This is my favorite brand to shoot, plus I've got a rifle sized gun safe stacked w/ the stuff.
  10. Welcome to the board. 41 bucks is a great price. I don't understand why the 14" MUST have s muzzle brake?? Private citezens can own a 14" barrel (as we know) but you have to fill out form 1 and wait for the BATF&E to approve, pay tax stamp, etc. What is the purpose of the muzzle brake? Is it 4 inchs long? I guess maybe that could meet the minimun 18" requirement? I doubt this however. Then you wouldn't have to go through the BATF&E. I'n not sure. I know I've seen citezens w/ 14" LEGAL barrels without a muzzle break. It may help w/ recoil, probably not much though. Once again w
  11. An inexpensive alternative to snap caps is to pick up your spent shells after they've been fired. Same thing just not as pretty. Obviously make SURE the primer is dead. (per tucker its always a good idea to store firearms w/ a relaxed spring, potentially adding to the springs longevity.)
  12. I didn't even notice you wre from the Big Easy. Sorry for any loss/ and or damage you and yours may of encountered. Well that H20 was the perfect pic w/ all that H20! (no pun) Nothing like some 000 buckshot to to "control chaos". Man you really wanted that nickel ext.! I'm glad you were able to get it. On a diff. note don't even get me going on the press in this country. I'm all for free speech. But such irresponsabillity these days its insane. The press can greatly harm our nation if careless. No thought of the consequences. Whatever sells, or gets people watching. Low life scumb
  13. Welcome to the board . I've got an H20 and its a nice piece. You've got to get the nickel ext. to really make the gun complete. There tricky to find. I've just gotten a digital camera and have to figure out how to upload pics. I'll upload a pic of the H20 w/ ext. I've got some sweet machineguns in addition to my Benelli's, and others I'd like to show the public.
  14. Why Benelli can't sell the +2 makes 0 sense to me. I think the ATF is picking on them. They can't use the reason "its an imported semiauto...." I know of an imported tactical shotgun (from Belgium) that comes w/ an extended magazine standard. It's actually a shotgun quite similar to the M4, (gas operated, pic. rail, etc.) its just not made by Benelli. Last time I went into detail about said shotgun (make,model) my post disappeared. Can't blame Benelli for not wanting people to talk about the competion. In this instance the BATFE isn't showing the same treatment to Benelli as it is to the
  15. If your going to get a gun SOLEY for home protection I personally prefer a pump. Don't get me wrong the M4 is a fine weapon. Doubtful it will let you down. You seem to know your laws, they vary from state to state obviously. I thought it was illegal NOT to own a gun in Texas. Nah but guns are welcomed in your state by more then less fortunately. I'm just a Murphy's Law guy. "If something can go wrong it will, etc. etc." I've got several tactical shotguns (some semi auto, others pump) (I Run a gun shop/range you'd be suprised how cheap some people sell there firearms, as a result my colle
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