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Yet Another Barrel Question


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I know the Supernova is the next shotgun for me, shot one and fell in love with the general ease of use and the smooth action. My question is: Will the 2 inches of difference between the 24" and 26" barrels make any noticable difference when predator/coyote hunting? I realize that the choke has more to do with pattern and density than barrel length but feel its better to ask than to be unhappy with my new purchase. Thanks in advance for any advice or opinions.



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Buy whichever one "feels" better to you.


Shotgun powder burns quite quickly, so you won't be getting much (if any) extra velocity from the 2 inches.


If the increased forward weight or the longer sight radius make it "feel" better to you, that's what matters.


Either gun will function equally well ... it's about ergonomics for you.

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