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WTT: NIB M4 collapsible stock and NIW M4 +2 extension for NIB TA47-2 ACOG

Guest Cajunkraut

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I'm fairly tolerant, actually.


IMing a seller with constructive info like "hey, check this other sale out" is helping someone. Pointing out a competitor's price on the post is obviously not. ESPECIALLY if you have no intention of buying. Most forums have strict rules against that sort of thing.


Well then most other forums like to let predators take uninitiated buyers to the cleaners. I like this forum. It is transparent, and you apparently thought these fellas would let you pillage people like me. You give Cajuns and Krauts a bad name.

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Let's see...what do I expect. Again, see "courtesy and tact". The art of negotiation.


no one on this forum is serving anyone but themselves selling this stock for anything over $200 shipped.



But YOU tried to sell it for $750 (self serving above $200 eh?)


Enter the art of negotiation...


You say $200 shipped, add $150 for tube, in exchange you require a scope you know costs $750 PLUS shipping....


How much of the $400 price difference should one of our forum members have to EAT before we are allowed to speak up?


Oh that's right... It would be a travesty elsewhere to openly advise on-lookers that alternatives abound.


It's called a FORUM idiot.


2. A public meeting or presentation involving a discussion usually among experts and often including audience participation.

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