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Recoil spring replacement brand recommendations?


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I recently picked up a M1 S90 that is marked HK. I really like the gun. However, it had a hard time cycling field/target loads... which I expected. I know these guns like full power loads. However, after doing lots of reading here, I have come to the conclusion I have to go in and clean up/replace the recoil spring in the stock.


I am sure it is nasty, as the entire gun was covered in goop from tip to tail, but after about an hour with a tooth brush, solvents and a good oiling everything went back together clean and running smooth.:cool:


I didn't get into the recoil assmebly as it isn't covered in the manual.:(


So here is my question, I plan on opening it up, cleaning out the assembly. However, I would like to have another spring on hand in case the one I pull out is boogered up or rusted out. That said:


What brand (or model) spring do you recommend for increased reliabilty?


I will shoot mostly shot, 00, and slugs... found in 3 gun comps. However, if I can find a spring that allows more reliability with some of the lighter target loads I'd be all over that as well.


I have read about the Wolf 25% increased power spring, and there is another spring (stainless) that also seems popular (the name slips me now).


Is there anything else to do while I am in there?


Thanks in advance-



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Thanks Hookster, I read that post during my initial search and it provided a lot of great info.


I disassembled my recoil assembly tonight and it wasn't as bad as I thought. There is a good bit of surface rust on the spring but nothing that looked like it would impeed the springs operation.


However, I did notice the last 3" of the spring was much more compressed than the other section. The compressed section was near the nut that I heated to get off. Not only was it compressed but it was bent at about a 20* angle from the rest of the spring. I am wondering if I boogered it up when I heated the nut?


I am still curious if anyone has run the lighter weight spring just for target loads?


Thanks in advance- I am learning a ton here... thanks!

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