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H20 Tube Ext


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Which brand do you suggest? Do you think powder coating is the way to go or just some good rattle can.

Powder coating is just going to give you the look as you won't be able to do the threads or inside of the tube. If you must use a black one I would leave it alone or have it plated like the OE parts.

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Thanks guy's for the help. Who's Ext tube do you like the best ?

Aside from the fact that I always choose Benelli over anything else if it's available I would still say Benelli. They fit the best and look like the rest of the gun. People make fun of my OE fetish but how many times do you see me posting about failures or issues?

If I had a Benelli extension left I would cut you a **** of a deal but the last one I had was messed up.

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OK I feel stupid. I tried to add the tube but the barrel won't slide down far enough to lock back into place. The swell of the extension were it screws on won't go through the ring on the bottom of the barrel. Also it looks like the forearm will hit it too. What did I do wrong.

It's a benelli extension tube. Is it the wrong one.

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The Nova/SuperNova extension will have a tube that goes on using a open ended barrel nut.


I looked one up on line and I'm pretty sure I got the wrong one. Plus it didn't come with a spring.... Yeah I'm a dummy...


Well I think I'll have a new out of shrink wrap extension tube for sale..... LOL

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