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**FOR SALE** Insight Technologies white light system


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I am selling an Insight Technologies M3X tactical illuminator (long gun version) white light system. This light originally came with a short, "handgun style" remote switch. This was not ideal. Hence, I bought a curly cord remote switch to allow for practical use with a pump shotgun. This particular remote switch will be needed if you plan on using this on such a weapon...trust me.


Also, for sale is an Insight Technologies shotgun adapter which will allow the M3X (along with other lights) to be attached to a shotgun via the tube.


All items listed are in new condition and come in factory case (documentation included). No blemishes or mechanical issues of any kind.


These will be shipping from Oklahoma.


I am asking $100 shipped for the M3X light, which will include the curly cord remote switch and, of course, the original "handgun" length switch. If bought new, this light (along with the curly cord remote switch) would easily cost over $200. I will also include a spare set of batteries.


For the shotgun adapter, the asking price is $35 shipped. This adapter will work with multiple lights and/or shotguns. I have used this for both my Supernova and Mossberg 590.


If you buy both items, the asking price will be $130 shipped.


Below are links to the various items for sale. These links are to the manufacturer website, detailing these items.


I provided these links vs. simply having posted my own pics because I felt that much more useful information could be gathered this way.





http://www.insighttechgearstore.com/xseries-shotgun-remote.html (will be included with light)





If the previously mentioned prices do not suit you, PM me and maybe we can work something out. But, IMHO, these items are priced more than fair...given their quality and initial expense.


This light is mil-spec, light in weight, water proof (to a degree), bright, comes equipped with 2 styles of remote switches, offers a respectable battery life and is very durable.


Here is a pic with the light (and curly cord remote) installed on my shotgun...





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Price reduction


C'mon...you guys are killing me! Nobody here needs a light? And an inexpensive, high quality one at that!


Anyway, I am reducing the cost of the M3X light to $90 shipped. If bought with the $35 shotgun adapter, I will ship both for $120.

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