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M3 Shell holder for M3S90


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Hi all,

I have an M3S90 that I would like to put a shell holder on the side of the receiver. Preferably a Mesa Tactical but I do not see any listed that will work. I do not have the top of the receiver drilled and tapped, and would prefer to keep it that way (rifle sights). Can I use the non-railed shell holder for the M1/M2?


Any input would be greatly appreciated and as always thank you in advance!

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Hello Apex.


I have a Mesa 6 round carrier mounted on my M3. It was purchased from Brownells (part number 100-003-971, listed for the M1/M2).


I had to notch the forend slightly to run the gun in manual mode, but it wasn't a big deal.



Although I was initially hesitant to trust the single screw mounting method, the Mesa carrier fits the receiver contour of my M3 perfectly, making the mount rock-solid.


My only other concern was that the added weight of the carrier would somehow mess up the M3's inertia drive when running in automatic mode. I'm happy to report that my concerns were completely unfounded. I've run everything from lightweight trap/bird loads, to reduced recoil LE slugs and 00 buck, all the way up to heavy 3" magnum 000 buck without a single issue whatsoever.


Hope this helps!

ETA: I tried to post pics of my M3, but apparently posting images is disabled until a new user has five posts.

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Guest Assigmefs

When you login to a shell with your primary account, you should be able to view and write to the directories for all the multiadmin sites under that account.

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