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Supernova dropping shells out the bottom ??


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I have a benelli super nova


I chamber a round then put 2 into the bottom and the (flapper thing) stays up, ok then i fire the first round then pump it and the shell drops out of the bottom and never gets lifted to the chamber .... WHY IS THIS !!!!


the only way to keep it from doing that is to chamber a round, put 2 in the bottom the open the action, close it again... so the (flapper thing) will be in the down position!!!!! what is going on with this !!!!!

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I had the same problem on a 12g supernova I just bought from a friend. If I cycled the gun slowly, it would drop a shell out the bottom every time. If I cycled the gun quickly, it would work fine.


I tried several things like polishing the bolt stop cap and the bolt stop tooth (p/n 019N), along with a heavier carrier spring with little luck. The bolt stop tooth mounts on the back of the carrier (p/n 017N) and pushes it downwards to load the next shell. These helped slightly, but the problem was still there.


I manged to fix it by changing the angle of the bolt stop tooth slightly by welding a small bead on the face of the bolt stop tooth, between it and the carrier, so that the spring with the cap pushed more direct on it.


It now works flawlessly no matter how slow or fast I cycle it. The carrier drops quickly to the bottom without any hesitation.

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