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New R1

Ben 616

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My new walnut 308 should be here wednesday. have been carying browning BLRS for 30 years with no complaints ever so My first choice was a BAR untill I orderd one and was told no problem will be deliverd in 4 to 6 months. At this point Im thinking that was a blessing in disgiuse as on doing some reading there are points to the R1 that I like much beter. It looks to me that the benelli wins hands down in the ease of dissasembly and assembly. I like the idea of the cyro treated barrel I have not heard ahything in regards to guns but have heard very good things on this treatment to performance engine parts. I like the option of being able to puchase a second barrel if I want a different caliber. I live and hunt in northern ontario mostly for Deer and moose. My hunting style puts on about 8 miles a day for two weeks in the deer hunt and at least half that for a week during the moose season so I need a gun that is nice to carry and that fits. My old BLR is so well trained that the deer is usually on the ground befoure I know Ive pulled the triger. The other senerio is that I have to count the bullets left in the second clip to figure out how many shots Ive taken. Doging is much different than sitting on a stand if you see a deer you are lucky to get one quality shot and you better be fast to get it or its gone. I have a 100yd range cut out in the field cant load any ammo till it gets here hope my browning rounds will work for a first hura can always shorten them up I guess there is no such thing as cheap amo were I live. I will let every one know how it shoots I dont spend days trying for a sweet 3|4 inch load because without a bench and a lead slead I cant shoot anywere near that good anyway I find that I just have to become familiar enough with my gun so that I can wave around in the breeze pull the triger when it feels right and hit the target


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