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26" SBE II Cryobarrel Black With Scope Mount And One Choke Tube.


I originally bought this while I was moving, I wanted it to cut down and make a shorter barrel for my SBE so I didnt have to buy a Benelli M4. Well I had a lot on my mind and forgot my SBE is left handed. This is a right handed barrel.


$200 shipped.

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I am like 99% positive that SBE and SBEII barrels are the same.


As far as chokes go, it only has one and it is different than the chokes for my SBE, so that would lead me to believe this came of a SBEII gun. The threads for the chokes are back about 3/4" to an 1" from the end of the barrel where my SBE threads are right on the end.


The only numbers on the barrel are: S342991 and 600511, I have no idea what the actual part number is.


I wasnt to worried about some of the specifics when I bought the barrel, I was going to have it sent out and cut down. I wasnt going to use chokes so I didnt really pay attention. As you can see I didnt really pay attention and got the wrong barrel.


If any one has a left hand SBE barrel for sale Ill take it.


I can email pictures, but since I am new Im not allowed to post pictures or links or my email address. If you want pictures post your email and I will send you the ones I have.

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