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Legality of Benelli 11721


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I'm not going to talk about 922r because I've done it probably 20 times before on this forum, the threads can easily be found with search.


What I will talk about is a similar law ... The "prescription drug bottle" laws, which in most states requires that all Rx drugs can only be stored in their original prescription bottles.


Do you know an elderly lady who puts her meds in a "monday, tuesday, wednesday..." pill organizer? She's a god damned criminal, and her crimes against society are potentially felony level.


If you wish to follow every unenforceable, ridiculous, asinine law out there with extreme compliance, don't change your m4 from stock configuration. You better not use an aerosol can in a manner other than directed either, or big brother will be kicking down your door and dragging your entire family onto the black helicopters in no time.

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