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  1. traded... no longer available
  2. Factory barrel removed from a Benelli M4. Build date is 2012. Less than 100 shells fired. Standard sights, no marks, dents, etc. Great shape. This barrel is threaded from the factory for a choke. Comes with the choke that Benelli shipped it with. $400 W/Free Shipping. [email protected]
  3. Like new M4 Benelli rail system - $120 Shipped E-Mail only, kmc0929 at gmail dot com
  4. Anyone know how to get in touch with them? I ordered a hammer and it appeared on my cc statement but then a few days later it just disappeared... Any ideas?
  5. Anyone have some good shots of the camo M4 with the stock? or even just good shots of the camo m4.
  6. kmc0929

    M4 Camo

    Anyone with a M4 camo gun tried to remove their mag tube with heat? I am wondering before I do it, will the heat mess up the finish? I assume this is a film type finish, similar to their hunting guns?
  7. SOLD! Threads did thread on very smooth and yes it was steel.
  8. not daves, i asked him, his aren't marked us.
  9. Pretty sure it is steel.
  10. Anyone have a list of all companies making a full length M4 tube?
  11. I honestly have no clue. I am positive it's not carrier comp. Fit and finish is great, the only markings on the tube are "US" very small at the receiver end.
  12. Full length US made M4 magazine tube in a parkerized finish. Tube is stamped US very small near the base of the threads. Matches the receiver really well. Comes with Wolff performance mag spring. $100
  13. Anyone interested in trading their desert camo M4 for my black m4? My black M4 has night sights,standard mag tube, standard pistol grip fixed stock, in great condition. SOLD PENDING FUNDS
  14. Anyone know the correct way to reinstall a notched recoil tube so that the pistol grip and c-stock will line up properly? Also what type of loctite? Would the blue stuff work?
  15. wow $58, well i guess i'll just hang onto them!
  16. Right there would be some money coming from my end i figured that was assumed, but i am glad you are keeping the internet safe with the heads ups. Will sell for $55 with your standard sights as a trade.
  17. Anyone want to trade my set of Mepro Night Sights for a Surefire handguard for the M4?
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