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Trouble removing SuperSport trigger group?


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Hi, this is probably a really simple question, but this is my first shotgun and I'm afraid I'm doing something wrong.


I'm trying to follow the manual to disassemble and clean my SuperSport and am stuck when trying to remove the trigger group. It says to use my firing pin to push out the stop plug, but I'm not getting anywhere. I feel like I'm pushing pretty hard; enough so that I'm tempted to get a hammer and start whacking at the plug with a screwdriver. I assume that's a bad idea.


Any advice? Thanks!

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What I am using is a Glock armorer's tool(any 3/32" punch) to begin drifting the pin out.


If you're going to use a hammer/mallet(*NOT* necessary, use a rubber one!!!!) I just push down on the pin, maybe a 45-degree angle of the punch tip to the pin, it just seems to work for me, and get the trigger group pin started. Once it's about 1/8" out, then I push the pin straight down, tapping it with my palm is all the preassure I need.


The trigger-group pin is *NOT* directional, but usually for consistency I just push all pins OUT L-R and push them IN R-L. That's just a me thing.


I hope this helps!



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