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M2 Field, 26" barrel, magazine extension


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Greetings everyone. I am a new Benelli M2 Field owner. I attempted to search the forums for an answer to my question without success so if this question was answered before my apoligies. I am squared away on rifle/pistol knowledge but am a novice to shotguns thus far.


I have a M2 Field with a 26" barrel. I want to get the longest magazine tube extension I can without passing the barrel. My understanding is that DMW offers the best quality ones at this time.

My questions are as follows:


1. What's the longest tube I can get not passing the barrel?

1b. How far does the next size up pass the barrel?

1c. Do I need a tube/magazine clamp?


2. Am I correct that DMW are the best "bang for the buck"? If incorrect which are?


3. Are there any other great to have add-ons for this shotgun? (Will be using for shooting clays mostly.)


Thank you very much for your information and look forward to joining the ranks of Benelli owners.

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Here are the dim's for the Nordic brand tubes you can also get them from the link below.


12 Gauge +02 +03 +04 +05 +06 +07 +08

Benelli M1, M2 6.19" 8.67" 10.44" 12.02" 14.39" 17.63" 20.28"




I have had and used DMW tubes I prefer the Nordic Tubes. Use a bbl clamp too.


Good Luck

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3. Are there any other great to have add-ons for this shotgun? (Will be using for shooting clays mostly.)


I put a different (brighter) fiber optic HiViz sight on the front. Not that the stock sight was bad I just like brighter than what it could give me.


The best thing I did was to add a bolt release pad (http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17814). It makes it a lot easier and more fun to close the bolt by punching this pad than having to press that tiny button. Briley and a few others make a similar item (http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=19514)


Welcome to the forum

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Ok, I measured it out and I can get the +6 extension to fit without passing the barrel. Now my next question is what exactly does +6 mean since every site I've visited uses different ways to count. I assume this means 6 in the tube with one in the chamber? Right or wrong?


Thanks again.

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