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New Benelli M2 Tactical owner has a few questions, ty

Slugger D

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I'm Derek, I'm new here and new to Benelli's

I am picking up my M2 Tactical next week and first I would like to know where I can get a comfortech pistol grip stock and I'd like to know a good mag extension for it and what else should I do to customize it? This is not only going to be part personal defense but also it's my dream shotty so I'll definitely be shooting the wheels off it!

Last thing, does Benelli offer a rifled barrel for these?

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A) They don't make a ComforTech™ pistol grip stock. You can either have the pistol grip OR the ComforTech™.

B) If you want a ComforTech™, I have a new one that I'm selling on eBay right now (auction ending soon, as in today!) with 2 new gel pads: http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Benelli-M2-ComforTech-stock-w-2-RH-gel-pads-/150474477314?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0

C) I don't know about tubes (mine's an entry gun) but the Nordic Components bbl clamp is a great quality piece (I use it to mount a X300 weapons light) so I would think their tube is quality also, but I'm sure others would be able to make more qualified suggestions.

D) I don't think they make an 18" riffled bbl (but I'm not 100%) but they do make longer bbls for the M2 that are riffled, so....

I also have some Fiocchi exploding rounds that need a rifled bbl, so I can't use them... ;)

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I apreciate the info, sorry for the late reply, for me the pg stock is the most comfortable stock I've held on a shot gun, I definitely want to get a rifled barrel but it doesn't have to be 18", I love blowing up stuff with sluggs! And I want to be able to use some of the cool ammo made for rifled barrels, thanks again!

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