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    Born in Buffalo NY in 1968, Joined the AF in 1986, Been all over the world, vet, retired in 2006, BS in Professional Aeroanutics /Safety and Management. Stuck in small town AZ.
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    Small-model-of-the-world, AZ
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    Machine Guns, Strippers, Horsepower, Heavy Metal, Tattoos, Pitbulls.
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    Retired USAF
  1. The shorter the bbl, the less effective the can will be. My M-16 with a 12" bbl is still pretty loud with a can (but it's very, very loud without a can! With that said, I'd still like to try this can on my 12" Street Sweeper (but I figure the revolver-like gap between the cylinder and the bbl would reduce the cans levels too). Guess the slight added weight has never been an issue for me. I've got other Silencer Co. cans and they are quality products.
  2. I use a SureFire X300 light (with a modified XT07 switch) mounted to a Nordic Components railed bbl clamp (there's more pics in my Tactical M2 Entry album) I also use an X300 on my M-16A1, Street sweeper, and one of my handguns.
  3. On my 14" M2 tactical entry, if I use S&B buckshot (12 pellet) I can only get 4 shells in the tube. If I use Federal (flight control, 9 pellet) buckshot or Slugs (true ball rifled) I can get 5 shells in the tube. All are advertised 2 3/4, but they are slightly different total length. But, it is very close with the S&B (just a hair short from fitting 5), definitely not only half a shell. Might be something not aligned properly? Is the spring seated inside the follower and spring seal ring?
  4. Thanks! I had an 1944 MG42 also, but sold it. Couldn't turn down the profit margin (and it was damn near too big for my safe . Getting sick of the current wait times (11-15 months for a Form 4 !?!?!?!? That's just stupid)
  5. Yes, it's the Nordic bbl/tube clamp with a single rail (you can get a rail for both sides if needed). There are better pics in my photo albums in my profile. Pics of the clamp and the switch.
  6. My M-2 14" entry gun w/ Surefire X300 and custom 6-shell carrier
  7. I've got a Ciener kit in a 10" upper for my M-16, and it runs 100% full auto, with or without a suppressor. Recently got some Black Dog 30 rd gen III mags that work great with it (and load much easier).
  8. If another law would fix the problem, just make murder/killing illegal...oh wait, it already is, so there shouldn't be any problems. Gun laws only apply to law abiding citizens. While I'm not impressed with either of them, I think a 2nd-termer (without having to worry about getting re-elected) is more dangerous (and Obama has made comments to that end). Besides, Romney said machine guns are illegal, so his ignorance may just help . Either way, we're all screwed 'cus neither is worth a damn (JMHO).
  9. I'm not a clays guy (more the machine gun/NFA type but the're must be a nice range here. My brother loves trap shooting and keeps saying there's a big shoot in Tucson (a Grand) that he wants to come down for. Unless you just mean some open land out in the sticks to shoot on?
  10. I've got a light (SF X300) and a custom 6 shot carrier (on the stock), and it works like a champ. I also tried firing it with the butt stock up against a tree (just 'cus I heard all the rumors about that) and it still functioned flawlessly. I mostly use 2 3/4" Federal LE 9 pel flight control or the true ball slugs, including some low recoil ones. I say try it and see, but that's just me.
  11. I'm pretty happy with what I have, but I've been thinking about getting a transferrable SAR48 full auto. A transferrable MG34 has been a favorite for a long time also, but it's hard to justify two WW II MGs for what they cost. Can't you put your pics in your user CP albums? That's what I did.
  12. I've got a Nordic Components bbl/tube clamp with a single rail (you can put the rail on either side or get two rails) and mounted a Surefire X300. I also used the XT07 remote switch and I really like the setup. The switch is right where my thumb sits, has two switches (ON and a pressure pad) plus retains the regular light switches. I went with the NC clamp (and the X300) 'cus with the 14" bbl I was really limited on space, but there's plenty of different clamps that would do the job for you. There's a few more pics in my "albums" section. Just an option.
  13. I use the same ammo (9 pel) and found just the opposite. The Fed LE Flight Control 9 Pel is about 2 3/8 long compared to the S&B (12 pel) that's about 2 9/16 long. If I use the S&B I can only get 4 rds in my M2 14" entry gun, but with the Fed LE I get 5 rds. If it helps, the Fed LE true ball rifled slugs are only 2 1/4, so you can always mix a few in and maybe get that extra round in there (the S&Bs are just a hair too long to get 5 rds in, so if it's that close with you and the Fed LE 9 pel, maybe a few slugs will be enough. Just an option). Also, the Fed HV Tactical 9 pel is abou
  14. I use the Federal LE 9 pellet 00 buckshot (with the flight control wad) and it patterns great with my 14" M2 (and in my 12" Street Sweeper). I tried the S&B 12 pellet, but it doesn't do tight patterns in either of my shotguns. I also like the Federal LE true ball rifled slugs. I haven't tries the Win mil stuff.
  15. You're right, it's a battle rifle. So as long as it functions reliably for thousands of rounds without cleaning, I don't really care if it gets dirtier. Nothing I said was about being cleaner, just reliability. But I'll concede to your expertise on the matter.
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