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Bolt Handle?


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I want a replacement bolt handle for my SBE2 but I don't want the stock one, I want one of the round barrel type ones (ITEM #61065). I have two concerns, first off will it even fit my SBE2? It says M1014 next to the item number in the catalog so would it fit my gun or does this style only go for the M1014? And if so where can I get one? Would I have to contact an authorized Benelli dealer, or is there any type of after market replacement that fits the bill?


Hope to hear back soon, thanks for the help.

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Thanks for the replies guys. Sorry Ive taken so long to post back, just been busy lately. As for the bolts, I have come to like the stainless steel one, the shape, not the color. I dont believe stainless would look good on an APG camo gun, but I do like the shape.


Do either of you guys have one? is it too big? I dont want one thats massive. Just something thats slightly easier to use with gloves. Thats why I liked the grooved one in the catalog. It just speaks out to me haha

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