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New Benelli M-4 need to make tactical


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I got a question for you fellas. I just purchased a benelli M-4. Nothing in my collection is stock it is all tactical and I'm looking to beef up my new M-4. I've been looking for the past several weeks online trying to see what is out there but I really don't know what to get. I only want the best. I was thinking about getting the collapsable butt-stock, mag extention, sling, ETC. Something like MR. Hooksters', if you haven't seen it check out his pics best I have seen. If you guys can help me out and let me know what to buy and where to go that would be great. Thanks for everyones time and consideration. Luckymac

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this is the mag tube i just ordered 2 days ago


most will say its the best. the make also posts on here. order times sometimes take awhile (months)but not sure how it is now? I just ordered it anyways.

C-stock is cool looking thats why I want it other than that stock works for me if you need shorter LOP check out mesa tac has a new shorter stock for under 200 bucks.


you getting rail with optics? rail for lights/lasers?

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Hi luckymac and welcome to the forum.


+1 on Carriercomp's full length titanium mag tube


A lot depends on what you want to add to the weapon


Optics? Lights? Do you need more rail space for what you want beyond a receiver top rail? Are you concerned with 922r? How much additional weight are you willing to tolerate?


There's a wealth of info on here if you use the search function.


Sidearmor just came out with some additional M4 products besides the rail system in my pictures including a top rail with side shell carriers available. (their retention system is pretty cool)






Hookster :)


okay, here's a gratuitous pic



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