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M1014 Barrel Question - Something on it...


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Hey guys. It's been a little while. Hope all is well. Looking for a little advice...


I'm looking at a NIB M1014, but I saw something on the barrel near the handguards. I know it's minor, but it concerns me...should it? I'll try to describe it. There are what appear to be two (on one side) and three (on the other side of the barrel...same place) very small RAISED white "spots/flecks" on the finish. For lack of a better description, it looks like hardened putty. I doesn't look like any sort of rust that I have ever seen.


1) Is it some sort of rust or other problem that should make me not buy it?


2) Is it something that I could send to Benelli to have re-finished?


3) Is it a simple non-corrosion-related blemish that I shouldn't even worry about?


Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!

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Mine came from the factory with something that may be similar - on three places on the stamped text there was white stuff that was similar to "white out". It looked like something used to make the text more visible to an inspector or other assembly person. It came off with some simple wiping off Hoppes when I did the initial cleaning and assembly.

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Thanks APSD. Yes, it is similar to white out. Although the stuff in question is on both sides near the handguard where the mag tube ring begins (not the top mag tube ring but the big one in the middle). The shop allowed me to try M-Pro7 while they watched but it didn't do anything. Is Hoppes a better agent? I'd be willing to give that a shot if it is.


Thanks again.


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I don't know that Hoppes is any better of a solvent than M-Pro7 - if I recall, M-Pro 7 is more of a degreaser/chelating cleaner, while Hoppe's is a blend of oil, and corrision inhibitors.


I think M-Pro 7 is intended to act as a bore cleaner to help remove carbon, as well as a degreaser. It may be that Hoppes is better for de-gunking "white out" like substances, but it's hard to tell.


If the white gunk is a surface deposit, you might be able to scale it off with a popsicle stick/tongue depressor, or a plastic dental pick - if the gun store folk are willing to let you try... those won't likely damage the phosphate finish or scratch the barrel. Good luck - I hope this works out for you, because an M1014 is a real find these days.

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I'm going to give the plastic dental pick a try. It certainly looks like it should pick away, but it hasn't so far (just MPro and a cloth). I'll give it a shot on Monday.


If it doesn't, I may just buy it anyway. 1) it's very small, AND I assume we all agree it isn't corrosion, right?, and 2)I could always send the barrel in to Benelli to have them refinish it, even if I had to foot the bill.


Merry Christmas! Ooooooh, did he say "Christmas?!"

Yes, I did :D

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