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  1. Some inertia-driven semi's have problems when light/tactical loads are used. Aside from the factors you mentioned, the M4's ARGO system is auto-adaptable for a variety of low-recoil, tactical and similar shells that might create feed reliability problems when used in an inertia-driven system.
  2. +1... read the manual several times *before* you try and assemble the shotgun. Then use it as a guide while you assemble it. Then read it some more before you use the weapon...
  3. I use an EOTech 552 on my M4, as well as my AR's. They are good for both rapid target acquisition and accuracy. Not all "red dot" sights are created equal. EOTech and Aimpoint are as accurate as iron sights once you know how to use them. These sights require consistent cheek-weld to the stock, and work best with both eyes open. A consistent cheek-weld, including head/eye distance from the sight as well as head position (tilt) are required to get consistent accuracy. I found this comes only from "body memory" acquired through lots of practice at the range. My M4-mounted EOTech is
  4. Chokes (IC, M, C), choke wrench, bottle of Benelli lubricant, and the M4 dissasembled (receiver/stock/trigger group + barrel + handguards) and manual
  5. This, I think is what Benelli is having a problem with - it seems they've pulled the magazine extensions for all models as a response in attempting to comply with this confusing, obscure BATF policy.
  6. This is unrelated to the now-sunset "assault weapon" ban. Under section 922® of the BATF code, there are limitations on the parts make-up of imported shotguns. If you search this forum, or the AR15 forum on the topic of M4/M1014 shotguns with collapsible stocks, pistol grips, and extended mags you'll see lots on this subject. In the net, due to a lack of clarity and interpretation of 922®, Benelli elected to cease all importation, marketing and sales of magazine extensions for their weapons on Nov. 2 of this year. My perhaps over-simplified (and possibly incorrect) understanding of
  7. I don't know that Hoppes is any better of a solvent than M-Pro7 - if I recall, M-Pro 7 is more of a degreaser/chelating cleaner, while Hoppe's is a blend of oil, and corrision inhibitors. I think M-Pro 7 is intended to act as a bore cleaner to help remove carbon, as well as a degreaser. It may be that Hoppes is better for de-gunking "white out" like substances, but it's hard to tell. If the white gunk is a surface deposit, you might be able to scale it off with a popsicle stick/tongue depressor, or a plastic dental pick - if the gun store folk are willing to let you try... those wo
  8. Mine came from the factory with something that may be similar - on three places on the stamped text there was white stuff that was similar to "white out". It looked like something used to make the text more visible to an inspector or other assembly person. It came off with some simple wiping off Hoppes when I did the initial cleaning and assembly.
  9. Nope... on Nov. 2nd, all the dealers that I'm aware of pulled the Benelli mag extensions off the shelf. There has been no update on the BATF decision. I've lifted the notice from Cal's which is representative of all the Benelli dealers: November 2, 2005 Until further notice, BenelliUSA will cease all sales, marketing and use of magazine tube extensions imported or sold under the Benelli, Franchi and Stoeger brands. BenelliUSA will allow magazine extensions to be supplied by way of tax-exempt sales to law enforcement and government agencies only. The dealer of such a sale will hav
  10. Thanks for the informative post STA - this was great! Did you do the barrel swap in advance of a failure, or because of one? BTW - that looks like a nice range you're working out of. Wish I could find a facility like that around here.
  11. +1 on M1014's suggestion... I'm now north of 1000 rounds through my Low Recoil M4, not a single hiccup... I just got back from the range, after firing 60 rounds of Remington 3" Magnum #00 buck. Tearing stuff to shreds is a kick in the pants. My shoulder is a little sore, but my M4, aside from needing a little cleaning is no worse for the wear.
  12. AustinPSD


    I have the GG&G oversized bolt handle for the M4, and an AccuCam mount with an EoTech 552. The M4 is pretty heavy for a single-point sling. The SideArmor components look like they'd be of value for mounting a light, but I am waiting to see what the guys at Mesa Tactical release in January before making a purchase for rails. Their new FCAM system looks like the best of all worlds. I evaluated the M4 with both the Aimpoint Comp M3 and EOTech red-dot sights, and ended up with the EOTech. For me, it didn't have the tunnel-vision/squint - I am cross-eye dominant and ambidextrio
  13. The 7+1+1 capability is a feature of some of the older Benelli shotguns. To the best of my knowledge, the M4 won't do this. It would require 7 rounds in the magazine, one round hand-loaded in the chamber through the ejector port, and another round on the cartridge elevator. I don't think the bolt will close this way (I haven't felt like trying it either).
  14. An M4 purchased in California still has a removable dummy magazine tube. Fabricating a magazine extension for the M4 would be trivially easy - the dummy extender from the shotgun serves as an excellent machinist's reference... The magazine extension requires a 1" O.D. mild-steel or aluminum tube as a "blank", 6 1/2" long. Some simple machining is all that's required, in addition to adding internal/external threads. The piece could be hard-anodized or phosphated depending on the material used. There's no "magic" or complex manufacturing in the factory part... this would probabl
  15. I too am left-handed. The M4 as indicated is zero cast, so there are no shims to worry about. There are no problems with either hull ejection or gases in the face. The control issues are no big deal to adapt to - I've been doing this with "right-handed" weapons my whole life. It is pretty straight-forward to pivot your left hand around the pistol grip to allow disengaging the safety with your thumb - your finger will already be off the trigger anyway. For me, the bolt handle and release being located on the right side are actually convenient - I can operate either with my supp
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