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  1. Deasmuth - I don't know who you are talking to over there at Impact, but either they are having fun with you or they are just plain stupid/mis-informed. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. That goofy picture that they have up on their site has been there for over two years. That picture was their long BEFORE the latest release of the M4 (new 11707) that is currently filling backorders all across america. The M4 never looked like that prior to two years ago (as the 11701 (flag), 11703, or the older 11707/M4LE), and it doesn't look like that now. And, there is no design change in the works.
  2. You have the collapsible stock on your M1014 right now. It's just that the recoil spring tube on your M1014 is not milled to allow the stock to collapse/slide forward when you push the button. Your recoil spring tube is milled such that it only allows the stock to slide off the back. If you take your stock off and slip it onto the recoil spring tube of an M4 (11707), it will collapse. [ 02-24-2006, 01:44 PM: Message edited by: usctf ]
  3. Guys, guys, guys...Impact has had this not-accurate picture up on its website for over two years now. I'm glad to say this is 100% not true. Whew, when I started reading this thread I started to think "wow, I'm glad I got one when I did.". However, as soon as I saw the picture source, I realized that it wasn't true. When I was looking in to getting an M4 two years ago, I started going around to snatch up all of the M4 pics that I could for my desktop...so I could drool (ha ha)...Impact's stupid picture was like that then. (oops, I see STA nailed this issue above as well - I suppos
  4. If Traders is correct...and I say IF...then a 11703 would not be legal either. The only material difference, since they share the same recoil tube (and will not allow a collapsing stock to function) is the barrel. The 11703 barrel has screw-in choke tubes and the 11701 doesn't (fixed choke). Traders may be a little confused on this one...I find it hard to believe that there is a California law that says an imported semi-auto shot gun MUST have a screw-in choke tube barrel to enter the state. [ 01-05-2006, 06:01 AM: Message edited by: usctf ]
  5. If you are in Cal, and don't have the option of a 11707, you may want to look into the 11701 (M1014 Limited Edition) instead of the 11703. The telescoping stock can't collapse on either of them, plus with the 11703 you may end up with a 4-port barrel depending on whether or not it is "old stock." Also, the 11701 doesn't have screw-in choke tube hassles. Just a thought.
  6. usctf

    m4 choke tubes

    Mine came with a Mod only. When I called customer service to question the fact that I only got one of the 3, they informed me that it should have come with Mod, Imp. Cyl, and Cyl. Within two days, the Imp. Cyl and Cyl were in my mailbox. She told me "off the record" that dealers sometime "forget" to include them. They then mysteriously have Benelli accessories to sell...namely two brand new choke tubes [ 01-01-2006, 07:19 PM: Message edited by: usctf ]
  7. I'm going to give the plastic dental pick a try. It certainly looks like it should pick away, but it hasn't so far (just MPro and a cloth). I'll give it a shot on Monday. If it doesn't, I may just buy it anyway. 1) it's very small, AND I assume we all agree it isn't corrosion, right?, and 2)I could always send the barrel in to Benelli to have them refinish it, even if I had to foot the bill. Merry Christmas! Ooooooh, did he say "Christmas?!" Yes, I did
  8. Thanks APSD. Yes, it is similar to white out. Although the stuff in question is on both sides near the handguard where the mag tube ring begins (not the top mag tube ring but the big one in the middle). The shop allowed me to try M-Pro7 while they watched but it didn't do anything. Is Hoppes a better agent? I'd be willing to give that a shot if it is. Thanks again. [ 12-24-2005, 12:44 PM: Message edited by: usctf ]
  9. Hey guys. It's been a little while. Hope all is well. Looking for a little advice... I'm looking at a NIB M1014, but I saw something on the barrel near the handguards. I know it's minor, but it concerns me...should it? I'll try to describe it. There are what appear to be two (on one side) and three (on the other side of the barrel...same place) very small RAISED white "spots/flecks" on the finish. For lack of a better description, it looks like hardened putty. I doesn't look like any sort of rust that I have ever seen. 1) Is it some sort of rust or other problem that should
  10. Hey Byron, how did you end up making out? Did you get the 2-port barrel with screw-in chokes, or did you get the 2-port barrel with no choke (fixed IC)? Hope you made out o.k.
  11. I would be interested in something very simple...a Knights Armament RAS for the Benelli M1014/M4 would be absolutely perfect. B&T has one that looks close to what I am looking for, but the price is close to $400...ouch.
  12. Tucker, I think it's safe to say that we all had that general feeling initially. However, when Benelli's web site states that the collapsable stock is now legal for civilians under federal law, it begs the question that many are asking...to clarify that statement (which is actually Benelli's interpretation of the law). No one asked Benelli to put that statement on its web site, it was unsolicited. Many want that statement to be true, so they are naturally asking Benelli how it came to believe that statement enough that it would post it on its web site. Hopefully, they asked the ATF for cla
  13. ** [ 09-08-2005, 07:29 PM: Message edited by: usctf ]
  14. Hey there Steve. Go to the militec.com web site...then click on "firearms" in the left column. Once there, scroll down part way...right there in the middle after "messages from our troops." That's where I found the full Marine Corps M1014 Operator's Manual for download on PDF. Check it out. Have a good one! [ 08-29-2005, 08:46 AM: Message edited by: usctf ]
  15. Many of us are asking the same question that IPGUY is asking. We trust that you will provide us with the proper clarification, so that we may enjoy our M4s/M1014s as close to JSCS-spec'd as legally possible. Thanks in advance.
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