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  1. guys/girls why the negativity, if you dont like a threads topic, dont read it, its not like there is a limited amount of space here IMO
  2. Trips offshore will also take you for "meat", dolphin or trolling for smaller tuna. Nothing like a fresh grilled tuna steak or fresh fried dolphin that you reeled in. Last trip out we boated a 500 and a 250 marlin and a cooler full of dolphin. The deck hand filleted out the dolphin for about $30 in tips. Weird offshore note that fits the forum, captain of the last boat said he had taken a guy out to shoot fying fish (no joke) said he was shooting them like skeets...not sure how to feel about that...its just weird.
  3. no kitchen sink? "luck favors the prepared!"
  4. Doesnt make a huge difference in sporting clays, if they notice, they dont seem to mind! [ 01-30-2006, 11:23 AM: Message edited by: 300lb shark ]
  5. Fri nite, Edenton, NC, will provide info as long as you promise not to out bid me have an emailable list of guns
  6. Hey Carolina boys! There is a gun auction in Edenton fri nite. Have a list of guns to be sold. I am in NE Currituck Co. There is a field across the street from me that geese stop in once a year... acres and acres of geese, no water just a huge field, never seen anything like it.
  7. Not popular around here, but I must defend my Mossberg. My 500 has had more rounds than I care to count thru it without a hitch. Have been very pleased with its performance and operation. My 2 cents Also have been very happy with my NOVA, no problems at all.
  8. Went to my friendly local bass pro shops store last night looking at the new S&W .460s. I asked the friendly clerk if they ever got any benelli m4s in. I was promptly told by not one but two (count em 1,2) clerks in the gun dept, standing between me and the novas and sbeIIs that benelli DOES NOT MAKE an m4. But they DO MAKE an m2, if thats what I meant. I said "Oh, thank you, I must be confused then, I appreciate your help" and left... What a wonderful place to shop (insert sarcasm here) I cant wait to go back.
  9. http://www.armedforcesjournal.com/blackwater/?s=2005_specs here are a few specs
  10. congrats on your new thunder stick! now go shoot something
  11. i'm thinkin 4th of july!
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