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Slug Tryouts


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Okay, so for this test, my Benelli M4, factory 18" barrel fitted with Carlson's "tactical" breech choke affixed. Temp was 70-degrees, cloudy and 1/2 value wind of 5mph.(this is the joke part, because I don't think it matters that much for THIS demonstration!!)


Now, I don't claim to be, not paid to be, nor is the weapon intended to be a sniper grade piece. I'm sure others may get better groups. I bagged my shotty, and all groups are @ 50yds. I maintained the same POA for all shots, not really caring WHERE they grouped, but *HOW* they grouped, or in some cases "grouped." Your own testing and verification may be needed. Just thought I'd help the curious.


All slugs were 2.75" shells. I know there are a bunch more slugs out there, I just had these that I bought locally. As I get ambition, $, time and cooperative weather, I may continue with a wider variety of slugs. Thought this would be a start at least.


Below is the Winchester WinLite group. The overall spread is the top number. The lower numerical value is the group without the, to me, obvious flyer(s). That will be the approach I give to the remaining photos as well.



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50 yards 8" groupe without a bench rest? if no bench rest thats good shooting in my opinion. 8"s will light up any ones chest even the skinnest of skinny.

did you use sling to steady the M4 or what was method?



I just used a caldwell bag to steady the front of the shotty and held the buttstock with my hand. Adjusting elevation by swelling my fist more or less, whatever needed. What better way to spend Labor Day?? :)

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