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Which is the Right Gun?


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Need some help. I've been out of the hunting game for several years and just moved to Texas. I'm going to start duck hunting this season and would like some recomendations on the right shotgun. I had a Mossberg and I've looked at the 870 but several people have told me to look at Benelli. The problem is which Benelli is best for all around bird hunting? I'm going to use it for duck, dove, quail and pheasant. Thanks.

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There is no "right" or wrong gun. That's why Benelli and others make a variety of models, including o/u's, pumps, and semi-autos. They also offer traditionalists the look and feel of walnut as well as the synthetics of the modern world.

If you're looking at 870's, then compare the Nova.

I've got an 870 that I've used since 1978, and it has never needed a single part. I have shot it thousands of times and have taken ducks, doves, deer, quail, squirrels, rabbits, and turkeys with it.

I've got a Nova that I purchased last year because I wanted to step up to the 3.5" magnums for deer and turkey. The radical new design of the Super Black Eagle II are very appealing to me. If I had to choose a semi-auto, I'd definitely give that one a whirl.

But again, that's me.

Go to a well-stocked dealer and spend some hands-on time with several makes and models, then choose what appeals to you.


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