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vinci vs. super eagle II


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getting ready to buy benelli...

i've boiled it down to the vinci or the super eagle 2.

i hunt game birds & i like to throw a rabbit in there here & there.


any benelli experts wanna throw me some insight for my final decision?

i'm currently leaning towards the vinci, but simply because of its recent awards.




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I wouldn't consider myself an expert, but I do have an educated opinion. I own both the SBE ll and the Vinci. They both are great guns. The SBE ll has the advantage of the 3 1/2'' chamber. That may or may not be a factor in your decision. I turkey hunt, so it would influence mine. They both perform flawlessly if keep clean and oiled. My advice would be to pull both of them up to your shoulder, and see if one ''fits'' you better than the other. That is probably more important than making a decision on which one you want, just on hearsay. Good luck with your decision, and welcome to the world of Benelli..Mike

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I would echo hognutz advice. I own an original wood stocked HK/Benelli SBE which serves me today as it has since I purchased it 20 years ago with complete reliability. I recently purchased a synthetic Vinci which also is shooting reliably and fits me perfectly. I can switch between the two with complete confidence. My Vinci does handle the 1oz loads which my SBE never has...that and the 3-1/2" are the only real differences to me.

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that's what I've been told before (that the main difference is the 3.5 in. chamber. I"ve pulled them both up as well... and it's still a tough decision! both great guns & unreal reviews. I do like that the Vinci was the NRA's 2010 shotgun of the year, though.


Thanks a lot. I'm excited to be a benelli owner & get out in the field with the new boy!

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Myself like the feel and fit of the SBE II...after shooting the SBE, its my all purpose hunter and a few clays now and then. Im sure either gun you choose, you will enjoy.

I also preferred the feel of the SBE II when I handled both models in the store. I also like the fact that the SBE is a proven design whereas the Vinci is relatively new.

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