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Mine is coming Friday. I have an M1014 so the XRAIL will not fit an M4/M1014. I did not want to try to put it on a Benelli because of those statements on the XRAIL web site. You will notice that Jerry had it on a Benelli though, but I am sure since he is 'promoting' it they made damn sure it was going to work perfectly for him!


I bought an inexpensive Remington 1187 on the cheap. Put a new synthetic pistol stock on it. Got a 28 barrel on it which is something very different for me. Fully loaded I am not sure how the balance will be. It should make a nice blaster, but I am sure I will get a lot of flaming from the purists. Only thing I know for sure is that barrel is going to be damn hot. I know it burns me after only five rounds!


Another possibly better option to consider is the Saiga-12 with a drum. I saw one NIB at the fun show a couple of weeks ago including the drum for only $30 than the XRAIL itself. I bet it has better balance having the drum much more centered. Sure, less capacity but...

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Benelli's are inertia driven. Adding a bunch of weight to the shotgun affects the reliability of the system. The XRail is not light to begin with, and then you stuff it full of shells on top of that. I don't see them being a great choice on the Benelli's.


I shot with the owner of RCI at the Adams Arms Ozark 3 gun last month. It seemed to work like a champ on his Mossberg and his buddy's 1100.

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