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new benelli?


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Originally posted by mak48:

How much did you pay for your montefeltro 12 gauge? Do you like them, I am looking for a rugged and reliable upland and waterfowl gun. I dont like the m2

Just out of curiosity, what don't you like about the M2.


I have one and it has performed flawlessly for me. The gun shop where i bought it talked me out of the Montefeltro as the M2 was more rugged for hunting.


I use my M2 for bird hunting, Trap, 5-Stand and sporting clays. I have about 5,000 rounds through it since August of last year and it has never failed me.


Mike :D

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I always check market prices using gunbroker.com and auctionarms.com.

If other dealers will sell them for that, then mine should as well.

If I can get it from an out of state dealer, pay the FFL, and the shipping, AND still come out ahead... it's a done deal.


I understand your wanting to be up front about ruling out the M2, but a statement like, "I don't like..." will always draw dissenting opinions.


That said, the Monte and M2 are measurably different in a number of ways, so your view is well founded. Especially considering the fact that you've already shouldered both guns.


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Originally posted by mak48:

its not that the m2 is not a good gun but the montefeltro fits me better and i just wanted to avoid people trying to talk me into the m2, while keeping the topic focussed on the montefeltro

With that understood, the Sportsmans Warehouse in Silverdale had a 12 Gauge for $890.00 a couple of weeks ago.


I almost bought it for my self. I am considering one for a dedicated sporting clays gun. Yeah I know about the Super Sport and Sport II. I just don like ported barels. For the price of the Monte above I can get a new unfinished but stock from wenig in nice walnuut for under $300.00 and it is still cheaper than the dedicated Benelli Sporting Clays guns.




Mike :D

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