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  1. At least you did not loose the other end. Sounds like you did ok though with out it. I was out last friday and ppicked up a couple of mallards. THey go on the grill tonight. Have a good year Tucker. Mike
  2. I bought a set of their extended chokes for my M2 and asked them at the same time about steel and nontox. Their response was tpo go no tighter than MOD with their chokes. Mike
  3. The receiver is part of the barrel on the SBE and it is not on the M2. The other difference is that the M2 Field has a wood stock and the other versions all have some form of Comfortech stock. Personally I prefer the wood stock. I just went back and checked a couple of things. When I purchased my M2 the Field versions were the wood stocked versions. I gues now all of theM2 are considered Field versions Mike
  4. I would start by cleaning the recoil sproing in the but stock and also clean the tube that it slides in. When that spring gets gunked up, the added friction will cause it to not cycle reliably. Mike
  5. For your intended usage of Waterfowl and Dove, I would go for the M2. Mike
  6. Hope they are Centurions and not Raiders. Mike
  7. I started shooting sporting clays with my M2 and I bought a set of extended chokes for the gun. They made it easier to tell what was in the gun and to change chokes, if needed, between stations. Mike
  8. If you can get it an M2 with a 28 inch barrell would be quite the ticket. That is what I have. I have used it for trap, 5-Stand, Sporting Clays, waterfowl hunting and upland bird hunting. The only advantage that the SBE has to offer is the cpability to shoot 3.5 inch shells. Be advised though that not all Benelli's will cycle the lighter clay loads. The SBE would be the worst for this and the M2 would be better. The Benelli reccomended minimum load is 3 dram eq and 1.125 ouce of shot. Yo would need to try the lighter loads in the gun you accquire before buying a whole bunch of
  9. I have gone back to my 870 Wingmaster in 16 guage for my upland gun. I have found that Sportsmans Warehouse has Federal steel in #4 and #2's quite routinely. I have about 4 boxes of the #4's and a box of the #2's from this season. So check them out if you have one around your area. Mike Poorman
  10. I have a Nova along with an M2. I owuld go with the Super Nova. It is supposed toi be an update of the Nova and it has the shims so you can get a better gun fit with it. As to camo patterns that is a personal choice. THis one came with Shadow grass from a DU shoot. All my other guns are Walnut stocked. Mike
  11. Based on the reviews that I have seen on the 2000, I would go with the Super Nova. I have a Nova and have a hard time hitting the inside of a barn with it. I have an M2 that I shoot much better. It and the Super Nova have the shim system that you can use to adjust the fit with. That is why I would consider th eSuper Nova over the 2000. Mike
  12. I would go with the M2 as that is what I have. It does equally well for pheasant, ducks and geese. No sense in wrecking your shoulder with 3.5 inch when 3 inch will work if you are not sky blasting. Mike
  13. Red hook HAve a good weekend Tucker. Mike
  14. like the 105CTI from Remington. Mike
  15. Good grief. Now that all the parties have settled down here is a link to a simioar site on Shotgunworld about the ultralight. http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=121356 Check out the posts by a person that goes by jugchoke. He is pretty jazzed about his and his wifes Ultra Lights. I would take the rantings of birdman70 with a grain of salt right now. Hew is a little POed about a gun he bought. Hopefully that will give you some more perspective on these guns. Along with this sspost there is a lot of good information on the Benelli guns at that web
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